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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Siemlus and Siemlus Energy have been appointed by Onity as the UK distributer, installation, service and support company for all access control and door locking solutions including Maglocks, RFID and the industry leading direct key allowing guests to arrive and use their mobile phone as entry into the bedroom and all areas of the hotel or property.

So how does direct key benefit the guest? Less contact with no queuing at front desk, key credentials remain on phone, guests can interact with the hotel via the app providing a more enhanced experience which will help some guests feel that little bit safer. As for the tech-lovers, business traveller and millenials they will just appreciate having it as it is simpler, quicker and on their own device. But don’t worry, for those guests still wanting to use a traditional key card, no problem as the mobile key works alongside both the older style magnetic maglock and RFID.

What benefits does it bring to the hotel? It is easy to fit to existing Onity magnetic or RFID doors, it is a scalable solution with roving check-in and access managment, provides operational efficiencies by saving on key cards and the cleaning of them, less people at reception so more focus on those that do need help, integrates to loyalty programmes and the pushing of messages to the guest, high levels of encryption and security and shows your hotel is open for business to all traditional guests as well as the those wanting the benefits of a mobile key!

As a preferred supplier to many of the big hotel groups and installed on over 5 million doors many hotels are now looking at upgrading their existing Onity door locks to direct key. If you are looking to upgrade or install a completely new system, Siemlus and Siemlus Energy are already surveying many hotels, providing quotes and carrying out installations to help hotels, build to rent and student accomodation with this transition.

Would you like a quote for your hotel or building? Then now is a great time as there are many benefits and discounts in place to help all hotels and building owners. For more details email: MOBILEKEY@siemlusenergy.com or speak to us on Tel: 0330 016 1920

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