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Fibre is the most energy efficient broadband technology

The Path to Net Zero. Climate change is perhaps the most significant challenge facing our society, and if we’re to avert a climate crisis, we must take steps to build a net zero carbon economy, now.

Full Fibre is going to play a crucial role on this journey to net zero, and even though a new build or building upgrade has embodied carbon, the end result will be a network built for the future running on fewer emissions than its predecessors whilst at the same time providing super fast connectivity.

Whats more, once this infrastructure is in place it will enable far-reaching behavioural changes which will lead to further environmental benefits.

For instance, buildings currently account for 35% of CO2 emissions in the EU. But this next generation of Fibre connectivity will enable smart technologies to be more widely utilised, so that more and more buildings – and ultimately entire cities – will become increasingly energy efficient. And we’ve already seen the positive effects of significantly fewer cars on the road – a trend that will increase in the future as hybrid working practices become the norm.

Ultimately, if we’re to build a better-connected society that’s able to make the most of the technology available – and to do so sustainably – then Full Fibre really is the way to go.

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